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Unlock the power of Django combined with Ruby on Rails frontend through SaaS Hammer. Supercharge productivity, tap into Python's rich ecosystem, and focus on perfecting your product!

Built by Full Stack developers For Full Stack developers
Built by Full Stack developers
For Full Stack developers

Simple is better than complex, we try to bring better user experience and productivity while keeping everything as simple as possible.


We choose classic Django auth, Django template, Django form, as they offer a powerful and user-friendly solution.

Tailwind CSS

The utility-first CSS framework can help us quickly update styles in HTML directly without creating CSS classes.


Hotwire is a very mature frontend solution from Rails community, we will use it to send HTML instead of JSON over the wire, which can let us write less javascript.


The comprehensive documentation will provide guidance on relevant topics.

Component Library

Our pre-made components are available to help you accomplish tasks efficiently.


Payment & Subscription

Integrate Stripe to launch your product quickly, supports both Checkout Session and Payment Element.


Support user Signup, email confirmation and custom user model.

Modern frontend dev workflow

Our modern frontend dev workflow, based on Webpack and SWC (Speedy Web Compiler), is designed to help you write clean, organized code. With live reload, you can view your changes instantly without having to manually refresh the page.


We will use Turbo, Stimulus to progressively enhance the server-rendered HTML and help bring reusable Components to our project.

Tailwind CSS

Creating clean UI with the utility-first CSS framework.


Typescript users rejoice! Our product comes with built-in support for Typescript, making it easy to get started.

Component Library

We have built reusable UI components for you to use just like Bootstrap, and you can build your own in an isolated environment just like Storybook.

CMS solution

We already integrate Wagtail CMS to help you quickly create form page, lander page and other stuff. For example, you can update content of this feature list on Wagtail CMS admin, without touching template file.

User Impersonation

Work on behalf of other users without having to know their credentials

Fully Customizable

Django/Python have healthy ecosystem and you can customize it to fit your needs.

Code Quality

We provide tools to help you lint CSS, Javascript, Python, HTML code, and do unit test and integration test to guarantee the code quality.


You can update your product at any time in a sustainable way

I build SaaS Hammer to help people launch products FASTER, saves people lots of TIME and MONEY.



Released Jun 1, 2024

  1. Use django-lookbook to replace django-pattern-library for building the next generation UI component library.
  2. Upgrade python-webpack-boilerplate, tailwindcss-stimulus-components and other frontend dependencies.
  3. Upgrade to wagtail==5.0.5, django==4.2.13, and other Python dependencies.
  4. Add Centralized Logging and Speed Up Python with Golang to the premium articles.
  5. Deprecate Tailwind's @screen directive.
  6. Fixed some minor bugs.


Released Apr 1, 2024

  1. Build server-side component solution powered by django-viewcomponent.
  2. Build new component library django lookbook


Released Mar 4, 2024

  1. Replace native confirm modal with custom modal built with Tailwind CSS
  2. Switch message from top bar to toast notification.
  3. Add custom Turbo Stream actions.
  4. Upgrade some Tailwind CSS component such as Modal, Tab
  5. Make password strength Stimulus controller work with server side errors.
  6. Fix some minor bugs.


Released Jan 29, 2024

  1. Upgrade to Turbo 8 with turbo-refresh-method=morph and turbo-refresh-scroll=preserve set, this can make page scroll position preserved after page refresh.
  2. Switch from django-turbo-response to django-turbo-helper with more powerful features.
  3. Using after_create_commit, after_update_commit and after_delete_commit from django-turbo-helper to trigger broadcast for model instance.


Released Nov 30, 2023

  1. Replaced Babel with SWC (Speedy Web Compiler) to improve build performance by approximately 20% - 30%.
  2. Became the maintainer of django-turbo-response and introduced new template tags turbo_frame, turbo_stream, and turbo_stream_from.
  3. Utilized the new template tags in SaaS Hammer demo apps to render Turbo Frame and Turbo Stream, enhancing code readability similar to Rails.
  4. Adopted django-actioncable as the default WebSocket solution.


Released Oct 31, 2023

  1. Add ChatGPT Demo to show how to use Hotwire, Django, Celery to build Chatbot.
  2. Move SaaS Hammer Premium Book to the live site.
  3. Update GitHub Action to clean up outdated package.


Released Sep 28, 2023

  1. Launch SaaS Hammer Premium Book, which provides more valuable content and code examples for paid users.
  2. Upload frontend sourcemaps to Sentry for better event processing.
  3. Fix style bug of the clipboard_controller.
  4. Update password_strength_controller to improve UI interaction.
  5. Upgrade dj-stripe
  6. Upgrade to Docker Compose V2


Released Aug 29, 2023

  1. Implement lazy loading for Stimulus Controller to load components on demand, utilizing code splitting techniques to reduce the initial load time.
  2. Enhance the frontend workflow by incorporating automatic compression of static images during the build process.
  3. Introduce a script that facilitates image resizing and conversion of static images to modern formats like webp and avif.
  4. Add a Progressive Web App (PWA) demo.
  5. Include as a valuable learning resource for Web Scraping techniques.

eBook: The Definitive Guide to Hotwire and Django

Hotwire is the default frontend solution shipped in Rails, this book will teach you how to make it work with Django, you will learn building modern web applications without using much JavaScript.

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