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SaaS Hammer helps you launch products in faster way. It contains all the foundations you need so you can focus on your product.


Built by Full Stack developers
For Full Stack developers

Simple is better than complex, we try to bring better user experience and productivity while keeping everything as simple as possible.


We choose classic Django auth, Django template, Django form, as they offer a powerful and user-friendly solution.

Tailwind CSS

The utility-first CSS framework can help us quickly update styles in HTML directly without creating CSS classes.


Hotwire is a very mature frontend solution from Rails community, we will use it to send HTML instead of JSON over the wire, which can let us write less javascript.


The comprehensive documentation will provide guidance on relevant topics.

Component Library

Our pre-made components are available to help you accomplish tasks efficiently.


Payment & Subscription

Integrate Stripe to launch your product quickly, supports both Checkout Session and Payment Element.


Support user Signup, email confirmation and custom user model.

Modern frontend dev workflow

Our modern frontend dev workflow, based on Webpack, is designed to help you write clean, organized code. With live reload, you can view your changes instantly without having to manually refresh the page.


We will use Turbo, Stimulus to progressively enhance the server-rendered HTML and help bring reusable Components to our project.

Tailwind CSS

Creating clean UI with the utility-first CSS framework.


Typescript users rejoice! Our product comes with built-in support for Typescript, making it easy to get started.

Component Libraries

We have built reusable UI components for you to use just like Bootstrap, and you can build your own in an isolated environment just like Storybook.

CMS solution

We already integrate Wagtail CMS to help you quickly create form page, lander page and other stuff. For example, you can update content of this feature list on Wagtail CMS admin, without touching template file.

User Impersonation

Work on behalf of other users without having to know their credentials

Fully Customizable

Django/Python have healthy ecosystem and you can customize it to fit your needs.

Code Quality

We provide tools to help you lint CSS, Javascript, Python, HTML code, and do unit test and integration test to guarantee the code quality.


You can update your product at any time in a sustainable way

I build SaaS Hammer to help people launch products FASTER, saves people lots of TIME and MONEY.



Released May 26, 2023

  1. Add Component Library to the home page.
  2. Add Chart, Steps components.
  3. Support writing Stimulus controller in Typescript.
  4. Set Stimulus DEBUG based on NODE_ENV
  5. Support tracking with Google Tag Manager
  6. Some improvements on the page UI.


Released Apr 9, 2023

  1. Add Typescript support to the frontend app
  2. Migrate the docs to Docusaurus, and deploy on Netlify
  3. Upgrade pre-commit hooks


Released Feb 29, 2023

  1. Add OpenAPI support to Rest API
  2. Add custom exception handler to Rest API
  3. Add support for hybrid iOS app
  4. Add support for hybrid Android app
  5. Upgrade pre-commit hooks

eBook: The Definitive Guide to Hotwire and Django

Hotwire is the default frontend solution shipped in Rails, this book will teach you how to make it work with Django, you will learn building modern web applications without using much JavaScript.

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